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We are committed to our customers and carry out regular updates and training course's to keep us up to speed within the leisure industry. We believe that out service schedule is amongst the most thorough available and is based upon the safety of the occupants that travel with and reside within the caravan/motor home.
We use the latest Kane flue gas Analyser and electrical test equipment along with non invasive damp meters to service each caravan.

What is checked on a caravan service?

A full service on a single axle van will take approximately 3 hours and a twin axle around 4 hours. All service items are inclusive within the price quoted (155 single axle vans and 175 twin axle vans).

A gas tightness and let by test will be performed and all appliances will be put into operation using the gas supply. Any batteries contained within igniters will be replaced.

 After running for around 15 minutes a flue analysis test will be carried out on each appliance and a printed report supplied.

 A room CO (Carbon Monoxide) test will be carried out over a 30 minute period. Smoke and CO alarms will be tested and where possible batteries will be replaced. 

Low pressure gas hose will be replaced regardless of age or condition. High pressure hose's (pigtails) have differing life spans dependent on manufacture/type, these are not inclusive in the service items and will incur an additional charge if required.

 A check will be carried out to determine that all gas drop vents and fixed ventilation is clear - any blockages will be removed.

A check of the vans electrics will be carried out and include polarity check, insulation check, earth bonding check and RCD load test.
All appliances will be tested using 240v and 12v where applicable and condition and power consumption figures noted.
Any fitted Microwave ovens will be leak tested.

 All fixed lighting (12v&240v) will be tested. The vans leisure battery will be inspected and a load drop test will be carried out.
If available the hook up lead will be checked for damage and security of the plug and socket.

The water system will be filled, purged and heated and all taps/drain cocks and waste pipes will be checked and tested. A thorough water ingress survey will be carried out using conventional and non invasive damp meters and a detailed report will be provided.

 Cassette toilets will have all seals and moving components lubricated pumps will be tested and any batteries will be replaced.

All windows and window catches will be inspected and tested window blinds will be checked and if possible without removal of fittings will be tensioned and re checked.  

On the outside a check will be made of all body panels, windows and skylights as well as all body fittings such as TV aerials and external service hatches etc. A visual check will be made of all body joints channels rails etc.

All functions of the 12n and 12s plugs and cables and all road lights will be inspected and tested.

 The overrun assembly will be tested and lubricated as well as the jockey wheel and corner steadies. 

If a conventional towing hitch is fitted this will be cleaned and re-greased.
If a stabiliser hitch is fitted the pads will be removed cleaned and refitted. 

All wheels will be removed as will all brake drums. A thorough clean will be carried out before adjusting the brakes and refitting all parts (hub nuts will be replaced and are inclusive within the service cost).

 The vans tyres will be inspected for cracks and damage and a note will be made of the tyres age tread depth and pressure.
The spare wheel will be removed from its carrier to be inspected and the carrier will be checked and lubricated.

 All body - chassis bolts will be checked for security and correct torque setting.

The water system will be drained and left empty with all taps and valves open.

 A 5 page service report/invoice will be produced and all security devices that have been removed will be replaced and left secure.

Please make sure that room is available around the caravan/motorhome for us to work. We will need to get into and under every cupboard bunk and bed to carry out the service schedule.

 If possible please make sure that the floor area is clear.

 We cover most storage sites within the West Midlands and have a good working relationship with most storage site owners.

 Please make sure the storage site owner is aware that we will be onsite at the time of your booking.

Current payment methods are Cash - Cheque - Debit/Credit Card - Paypal - Bacs.


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